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How an experienced DUI Attorney can make a difference.

Written by admin on June 29, 2012 in Court Procedure, Driving Privileges, DUI Defenses, DUI Law, DUI Penalties

As former prosecutors we can tell you that an experienced DUI defense attorney can make a significant impact on the outcome of your case.  Many people either mistakenly believe that there is nothing that can be done and that they might just as well plea no contest, and other people mistakenly believe that all attorneys …Read More »

Can I Do My Jail Time On Weekends?

Written by admin on November 25, 2011 in Court Procedure, DUI Penalties

If you are convicted of a first offense DUI (low test or impaired) in Ohio you will likely be allowed to do 3 days in a state approved Driver Intervention Program in lieu of 3 days in jail. This is typically from Thursday until Sunday night.  The balance of any other jail time imposed by the court …Read More »

What Is The Legal Limit For DUI?

Written by admin on September 30, 2011 in DUI Penalties

The term legal limit will make most DUI lawyers cringe.  This is because there is no legal amount of alcohol to have in the body and drive. Below, the (A)(1)(a) section says that if the officer believes you are under the influence of alcohol he can charge you with a DUI no matter what level …Read More »

Penalties For A First OVI Conviction.

Written by admin on September 8, 2011 in DUI Penalties, Uncategorized

A first offense DUI in Ohio has the following penalties: ALS (Administative License Suspension) for test refusal = one year license suspension. ALS for a prohibited BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) = 90 day license suspension. Jail – Minimum of three consecutive days or 3-day driver intervention program. Fine – Minimum $375 and not more than …Read More »