Bail Bonds & Warrants

Warrants & Bail Bonds In Akron Ohio

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers in Akron will give you advice about bonds and warrants. While it is unethical for a lawyer to loan you money or post a bond, we can actively negotiate with the prosecutor for an affordable bond with conditions that are right for you.

Keeping your job is often the biggest goal for most people. You cannot keep a job in jail.

It is important for us to get involved in your case right now because once a bond is set it is very difficult to overcome. Our Akron Criminal
Defense attorneys will review the bond factors with you before your hearing in detail.

You will need to have someone lined up to post your bond. It is best to have the person be a resident of the county and state where you are being held in Ohio. Some clerks will not accept a 10% bond from someone out of county or out of state. The person posting the bond for you will also need a valid driver’s license.

It is best if you can post the bond rather than use a bail bondsman. If you post the bond, you will get the money back at the end of the case less any statutory processing the fee. If you use a bondman you will only pay about 10% of the bond, but you will not get any of that money back.

Most courts will allow a bond to be posted with real estate rather than case. However, you will most likely have to post double the face value of the bond in real estate equity and it will have to be located in the county where you are being held.

If you have a warrant, we can help you right away by calling the prosecutor’s office. This is a benefit to you because we might be able to have the warrant recalled, have s summons issued, or negotiate the value of the bond with conditions you can live with. There is historically a better chance of getting a reasonable bond if you turn yourself in, rather than getting picked up by the police, especially on a new charge.

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DUI Case

A Relieved Client

“I went to court thinking I would just get driving privileges and still be under suspension for some time. Rob was able to get the entire ALS suspension waived and most of the court fees waived as well. Was placed under 6 months probation, couldnt have asked for a better outcome. Rob did a phenomenal job. He is very knowledgeable and accessible, and I would recommend him to anyone.”

DUI Case

A Grateful Client

“Rob is very knowledgeable in his area. His expertise and advice were unsurpassed. I not only had extreme confidence in Rob’s ability but was able to put my mind at ease while we went through this process. Rob was able to work with the prosecuting attorney and then get agreement from the Judge to dismiss several charges and plead to a 1st DUI. I cannot express the gratitude I have for Rob. I realize that he is being paid for his service, but his attitude is like none I’ve experienced when dealing with an attorney for this type of matter. He was not judgmental but caring.”