Assault Defense In Akron

Our Criminal Defense lawyers in Akron will help defend you or a family member on a assault or felonious assault charge. This arrest typically brings jail time so the quicker an assault defense attorney in Akron can get involved, the better.

ASSAULT. A simple assault can be charged when a person is alleged to have harmed or attempted to cause harm to another person. You don’t actually have to hurt them. A simple assault also can be charged where the person was seriously injured and the police believe you were reckless in your conduct. If any of the above involved a police officer as a victim, the conduct becomes a felony.

FELONIOUS ASSAULT. An assault can be charged as a felony when the harm to the person is serious and knowingly caused. It can also be a felony where the harm was not serious, but was caused with the use of a weapon.

DEFENDING ASSAULT TYPE CASES. Our Akron Criminal Defense team will help you defend you case. These can be difficult because they involve a human victim. This means they will have been assigned a victim’s advocate. The prosecutor will likely want to talk to them before agreeing to any amendment or dismissal of the charges. We will closely examine your case to see if you can claim self-defense.

It is important to have a lawyer represent you – immediately – in order to protect your rights. We want to be able to establish a defense as quickly as possible using the facts of your case…and what the law will allow.

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