Juvenile Criminal Defense In Akron

Juvenile crime is on the rise in Ohio and the penalties are become stiffer and stiffer for juveniles that are adjudicated or found guilty of crimes. The penalties not only result in a juvenile criminal record but may include: fines, court costs, community service or confinement.

A juvenile is considered anyone who is charged with an offense prior to his or her 18th birthday. However, the juvenile court can sentence a juvenile to the Department of Youth Services up until their 21st birthday. In addition, the State of Ohio can “bind” a juvenile over to the grand jury, if the crime is egregious, and have that individual tried as an adult.

The attorneys at Suhre & Associates include FORMER PROSECUTORS AND A FROMER POLICE OFFICER. Having been on the “other side of the law” gives our attorneys an invaluable insight as to the way your child’s case will make its way through the juvenile court system.

We begin your child’s representation with sitting down with you and getting a complete play by play of the facts. Then, we file a motion for discovery which allows us to assess all the evidence the State has against your child. In doing so, we are able to determine where the strengths of the case lie and what theory of litigation we can develop to overcome those strengths.

In turn, we also determine the weaknesses in the case. By exploiting those weaknesses, we may be able to warrant a reduction to a lesser charge, enter into a diversion program which ultimately leads to a dismissal of the charge, or be acquitted at trial.

The days of getting a fine and a slap on the wrist are over for juveniles adjudicated or convicted of crimes in Ohio. So, call Suhre & Associates, LLC at 330-510-5668 for a FREE CONSULTATION. We truly do welcome your call 24/7. Because now is the perfect time to put the knowledge and experience of FORMER PROSECUTORS AND A FORMER POLICE OFFICER to work for you.