Mike went above and beyond to help out my husband in his time of need. He goes the extra mile and asks nothing in return. He even stopped by our home to meet with our family. I would recommend him to anyone who’s looking for fantastic representation. He will not disappoint you, I promise. Thanks for everything you’ve done to help us Mike.


During our time of need we had no idea where to turn or what to do. This lawyer went above and beyond to make sure we got answers when no one else could. He also did an excellent job of defending my husband and getting to the truth of the matter. I highly recommend him to anyone And everyone. Thanks so much for helping us in our time of need.


Attorney Puterbaugh came highly recommended to me via a mutual friend. He is very knowledgeable in the area of criminal law and goes way above and beyond the call of duty. He takes time to explain the legal process and how it works. He is also very comforting and a great advocate to his client and their family. This process has been scary to say the least. People make mistakes and he doesn’t judge you or make you feel less than. He offers honest options related to the specific cases and the best choice or alternative. He is motivating in the process. I could only hope any one faced with a crime whether minor or major that they have someone like Mr. Puterbaugh to represent them. His advocacy and care make the process not seem so daunting. I highly recommend him to anyone needing council.


Joe was recommended by a friend and reached out to me immediately, on a Sunday. I was an anxious mess, terrified and unsure of what I was facing with a DUI charge. Joe put me at ease right away. His knowledge, his clear explanations, his patience in answering all questions and his confidence made me feel well represented, aware of the process and all possible outcomes and much calmer. He was able to get me a very good outcome considering what I could have faced . I would recommend Joe to anyone facing a DUI charge in Ohio or Kentucky. It might seem expensive but you can’t put a price on peace of mind!

Inspires confidence and gets good results

I contacted Mr. Suhre after being arrested for an OVI completely panicked and confused about the process, possibilities, and outcomes in front of me. He reached out personally on a Sunday and discussed what happened and the realities of my situation. After our conversation, I already felt just a little bit more at ease and hired him that evening. Throughout the case, Mr. Suhre was reassuring and optimistic. He responded to every question promptly and his staff did a wonderful job keeping me informed about each step as it was happening. The outcome was as he predicted, which was far better than I could have ever achieved on my own. I highly recommend his and his team’s services for anyone in a similar situation.

Calm and professional

Joe and his staff are are miracle workers. Faced with an OVI and several other charges, I was on the verge of losing everything. Within 2 minutes of a phone consultation Joe gave me a clear, realistic, set of goals for my case. He immediately found a legal technicality that allowed me to still drive my company vehicle, and I was able to keep my job. Joe then devised a strategy, and we stuck with it. Ultimately, Joe got all of my OVI charges dismissed, and I happily pled guilty to a couple of smaller charges. To say that Joe knows his stuff is an understatement, and there seems to be an ease about him in the courtroom that I just didn’t see with other lawyers. Amazing OVI lawyer, and worth every penny. Thanks Joe.

Brilliant OVI Lawyer

I appreciate your thorough work and detail to my case. You took what was personally a terrifying situation and turned it into one of the best possible outcomes. You were able to explain the case and legal lingo to me in a manner in which I was able to understand. The client portal was useful when I had a question and I got a response quickly. Thank you so much for your services and your above par work that you did on my case. It had an exceptional outcome and I think others need to see that with the appropriate lawyer that is acclimated to how the legal system operates they too can fight a good case and get exceptional results. Thank you! One of the best Lawyers in the city.

Appreciative Client

Last month I was arrested and charged with high tier breath test and OMVI. You were able to get the high tier charge dismissed. The judge suspended $350 of my fine and gave me 2 years non reporting probation, suspended 177 of the 180 days jail time in lieu of a 3 day intervention program. I am very happy with the unlimited driving privileges with the use of an interlock device you were able to get me during my 3 year suspension.


So let start off by saying Rob is amazing! From the second I called him he explained in detail what would happen in this difficult situation. This was my second OVI and I also got caught with a controlled substance. The process was long but Rob kept me updated throughout everything. I was facing jail time so I was quite worried the whole time. Rob was able to work with the prosecutors and get me the bare minimum for my charges of just a year of probation and a 3 day weekend DUI class. Also got the controlled substance charged dropped which would’ve been a felony on my record! Anybody in a sticky situation I would strongly suggest going with Mr.Healey.

DUI/Possession case

Mr, Healy has worked 2 different cases for me. The original case which was renewing my license after Michigan had put a hold on it from a DUI offense almost 20 years ago. Rob proved to be very diligent and straight forward. He explained the process and worked with me informing me of everything. He was successful in enabling me to obtain my drivers license in Ohio. The second part: I wanted to get my Class B CDL and needed a judge to sign off saying it was ok… Very odd circumstances but he once again was there for me and was successful in getting the court order signed. Thanks to Rob and his team as I would recommend them to anyone.

Drivers License

I hired Rob to represent me for an OVI/possession charge. He was very knowledgeable regarding the matters and advised me regarding the best possible options that I could perform prior to my court date. He communicated my information accurately to the court and lobbied on my behalf for the most optimal outcome. The communication that I received from him and his firm was very clear, concise, and easy. They responded to any and all questions in a short time from me having posed the questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone not knowing where to turn when faced with similar legal problems.

Excellent Mediation

Where do i begin. If you or someone has a dui or like me 2 duis by the time your 23 then if your reading this your on the right page. I recently just got my 2nd dui yes I’m only 23 years old but it happened I have a pretty long rap sheet with history of alchol charges and other charges. Long story short got my 2nd dui worried to death I’m going back to turning point for another 90 days and whatever jail time I have to sit and wait for a bed to open. So I couldn’t really sleep at night and was worrying alot but I found rob healey and rob just got me only 10 days at talbert house and 1 yr probation with 24/7 privlages driving with interlock. So if any of you are worried about your 1st or 2nd dui don’t worry I have over 20 charges including this new dui so don’t worry if you’ve hired robert he got me the best possible outcome you could ever get and only got 10 days talbert house where I turn myself in and the little probation stuff but that a better than jail time. So people don’t worry the judge could have easily made an example out of me but thanks to a good attorney I got the best outcome I could have imganiend. And can actually sleep at night thanks robert.

Dui case

I was in a touch spot after a misstep at the airport with my CCW permit. I was charged with a Class A misdemeanor and I didn’t know where to turn. Luckily I found Suhre and Associates via Google. After I called the office (after hours) and was connected with Rob Healey, I knew right away I was going to be well represented and have help navigating through the complexities of my matter. After keeping me informed, fighting for me with the county prosecutor and keen research skills, my case is resolved with the best possible outcome I could have ever hoped for. I am clear of the charges and free to go on about my life. Thank you Rob! I admire your professionalism, your character and your skill set to get me the result I hoped for.

True professional, exceptional outcome!

In 2017, I was arrested for an OVI and drug possession. I contacted several lawyers. Most of the lawyers I initailly spoke with were very vague, unhelpful, and unenthusiastic about my case. I felt like a number, or just another customer. When I contacted Rob, he took the time to listen to all the details of my case, and walk me through realistic expectations. He showed enthusiasm, and a great deal of passion towards helping me through a rough period of my life. All cases are different, and Rob exhibited the potential to creatively solve my case, rather than treat it like another number. I made the decision to hire him, and I am extremely satisfied. My criminal charges were severe, and included two felony possession charges, along with an OVI. I was facing time in jail, and I was facing loss of employment. I work in a professional environment, so keeping my job, and keeping my record clean was paramount. Rob understood that I had specific needs, and certain stipulations in place to keep my job. He went to work, and developed a creative legal strategy built around MY needs. Long story short, Rob was able to get me into diversion type programs on ALL of my charges, even the OVI (which is extremely rare). As long as I don’t re-offend in one year’s time, the charges will be DISMISSED and removed from my record. This is an absolute grand-slam result that has saved my career and future!!

OVI/Possession Case

The day I got my OVI Rob called me back IMMEDIATELY, while I was still at the sheriff’s station, on a Sunday. Rob provided quick council and gave me his cell number to call on Monday. Throughout the court proceedings I only had to appear twice, the final appearance for sentencing. I cannot express adequately how appreciative I am for Rob’s services. I’ve dealt with attorneys in the past, where I’ve paid thousands of dollars and receive what feels like minimal attention. Rob is very knowledgeable in his area. His expertise and advice were unsurpassed. I not only had extreme confidence in Rob’s ability but was able to put my mind at ease while we went through this process. Rob was able to work with the prosecuting attorney and then get agreement from the Judge to dismiss several charges and plead to a 1st DUI, this was my 3rd offence.

Wonderful Attorney for a not so wonderful time!


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