Robin Bennett - Criminal Defense Attorney in Akron, OH

With over 15 years of legal experience, trial attorney, Robin Bennett brings a strong civil and criminal background to the table. From a young age, Robin knew that she would pursue a career in law. “The best part about my job is my clients. Being able to help people and help the process go as smoothly as possible is beyond fulfilling,” Robin says. 

Robin has primarily practiced law in central Kentucky, which has allowed her to easily travel to Eastern and Western parts of the Commonwealth. She joined our team in 2023 and serves alongside our attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding counties. Robin has experience handling a variety of cases from first-time DUIs to general criminal defense charges to post-conviction and appeals. “I love being able to bounce ideas and strategies off of other attorneys and being someone that they can turn to with issue spotting as well,” she says. 

When asked what values drive her, honesty, integrity, and respect were on the list. She thrives being a part of a strong team committed to serving clients and achieving the best possible outcome for them. Robin has life experiences that have shaped her into the attorney that she is today. This has allowed her to be able to deliver a service that is unmatched and help clients through trying times.

Today Robin spends time out of the office with her horse Eva, at a local Lexington farm, and keeping up with her two twin girls, Elaena and Maureen.