One of the first things my clients are concerned with is their ability to get back on the road driving.  This is a completely legitimate concern and something that people should take serious.  Properly handling a DUI case can take time – like all important things, rushing can lead to mistakes.  So it is important to have your case handled correctly but also have the ability to move on with your life and continue working.  Most of our clients are people who work, who have children, or who have parents and family members that need medical treatment.  Our Akron DUI Attorneys are all former prosecutors who know how important driving is.

We can help you obtain driving privileges.  Most courts in the Akron area require very specific information, information that we can help you gather and file in the proper way.  If your driving privileges request is not filed in the right way the court will most likely not grant it.

If you are serious about defending yourself call us at (330) 860-4347. Ask to speak with Joe Patituce, a former prosecutor, who is an Akron DUI Attorney helping put people back on the road.