It has been said that a DUI will cost the average defendant $5,000 to $10,000.  This is not just the lawyer’s fee.

Additional costs are numerous.  There can include the following: reinstatement fees, fines, court costs, medical experts, forensic experts, transcripts, private investigators, medical records, personal or vehicle bond (which your attorney cannot post for you in Ohio), alcohol and drug assessment, treatment, independent drug and alcohol tests, accident reconstructionist, polygraph exam, etc.

These additional expenses are not paid by your attorney unless you agree otherwise.  The fees can range from a few hundred dollars for a transcript to over several thousand dollars for expert analysis and testimony.

Discuss this matter with your attorney when discussing the representation fee.  This is also a good time to talk about whether any of these expenses are likely in your case.

Always ask your attorney to discuss the benefit vs. the risk, quote you a fee, and obtain your consent before billing you for any additional services.  Lastly, discuss whether the firm will mark up the cost of any outside services.

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