Can I Get Driving Privileges To Work With A DUI Charge?

One of the most commonly asked questions is whether or not you can get driving privileges while a DUI charge is pending.  The short answer is yes, but you need the assistance of an experienced attorney to not only get you the privileges you need but to keep you out of jail.  Jail is mandatory… read more

What is Felonious Assault?

A felonious assault charge is one of the worst charges a person can be charged with – each felonious assault conviction can carry with it between 2 and 8 years in prison.  If there is a gun involved you could be looking at a mandatory of sentence between 8 years and 14 years.  It is… read more

How hard is it to get work privileges after being arrested for a DUI/OVI?

One of the first things my clients are concerned with is their ability to get back on the road driving.  This is a completely legitimate concern and something that people should take serious.  Properly handling a DUI case can take time – like all important things, rushing can lead to mistakes.  So it is important… read more

How long does it take to get your license back after a DUI?

One of the first questions our clients ask us is centered around how long they will lose their license for.  The ability to drive is one of the most basic necessities that we need in order to be able to conduct business, go to work, take care of our family, raise children.  If you were… read more

What is Gambling?

The new casinos in Toledo, Columbus, and Cleveland bring new charges against people for gambling.  There are various forms of gambling, cheating, that the government prosecutes.  Some examples include posting a beat after it is clear that they will win –  think blackjack and pushing forward a bet after the dealer busts.  Think about stealing… read more

Can I get out of my DUI/OVI if it the first time I have been in trouble?

Many of my clients are first time offenders – this is the first time they have been pulled over in most cases.  Many of these clients state that they felt the need to tell the police the truth about drinking alcohol, or consuming drugs, feeling that the officer would have mercy on them for being… read more

What is Rape?

As a former prosecutor, and criminal defense lawyer, I am often involved in sexual crime cases… cases such as rape.  Most people do not know the legal definition of rape, nor the implications of such a serious charge.  Everyone knows that merely being accused of rape can be a life altering event – a false… read more

Will the judge reduce my DUI charges to a reckless operation?

I have found that many people believe that if they go into court, enter a plea of no-contest, and throw themselves on the mercy of the court that the judge can reduce the charges from DUI to reckless operation if they can just persuade the judge that they will lose their job, never be back… read more

What is drug trafficking in Ohio?

If you have been charged in Ohio, and the Cleveland area, with trafficking charges you need to hire an attorney.  You should consider calling one of our experienced Cleveland Criminal Lawyers right away if facing charges. In Ohio drug trafficking is defined as: 2925.03 Trafficking, aggravated trafficking in drugs. (A) No person shall knowingly do… read more

Is jail mandatory on a first offense?

The short answer, and correct answer, is: yes.  Jail is mandatory on all DUI/OVI offenses in the State of Ohio.  There are situations where you can replace jail with an alternative drug and alcohol treatment program – such as a three day class.  However, many people make the mistake of going into court and pleading… read more