Many of my clients are first time offenders – this is the first time they have been pulled over in most cases.  Many of these clients state that they felt the need to tell the police the truth about drinking alcohol, or consuming drugs, feeling that the officer would have mercy on them for being frank.  The unfortunate part is that aside from the officer being slightly more pleasant telling the officer the truth does not help you in any real way – this does not mean that you should lie, just remember you have the right to remain silent.  If the officer smells alcohol and you are driving you are probably getting arrested.

Ohio takes DUI offenses incredibly seriously compared to other states.  For instance in Pennsylvannia a first time offense can end up in a diversion or treatment program that results in the case being thrown out and dismissed.  Here though, in Ohio, there is no such thing as a diversion program for DUI offenses that ends in a dismissal.  This means that you need to hire an attorney to help fight and have your case challenged.  First, Second, or Third DUI does not matter when asking if you can get out of it – what does matter is the evidence and the manner in which your attorney can defend it.

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