Have you been charged with a DUI or OVI in Akron, Ohio?  You will need to show proof of insurance to the police, the court, or the BMV.

If you fail to show the required proof that the vehicle you were alleged to have been driving was covered by a state minimum policy you will be suspended.  The BMV is the one that issues the suspension. 

The suspension is called FRA non-compliance.  This means you failed to show proof of financial responsibility, or more commonly, insurance on the vehicle.

If you are under an FRA suspension you can hire a lawyer for two reasons.  One can be to investigate whether the vehicle was actually insured or not.  The second is to file for privileges to drive under that FRA suspension. 

A first offense in five years is a 90 day suspension and you can get privileges upon proof of financial responsibility.  A second offense in five years is a 1 year suspension, but you have to wait 15 days before the court can grant privileges.  A third offense in five years is a 2 year suspension and the court cannot grant driving privileges at all! 

This is the very serious consequence that comes from ignoring the BMV and the law.  It can become impossible for even the best lawyer to untangle a third offense and get you driving again before the end of your suspension.  It can be done, but it is almost against all odds. 

It is best for you to maintain a current address with the BMV at all times and act on any notices you get from them.  If you do not understand it, call a lawyer immediately.  Time is of the essence in all legal matters and could be critically short in your case.  This can cause you to lose an opportunity to keep driving.

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