I have found that many people believe that if they go into court, enter a plea of no-contest, and throw themselves on the mercy of the court that the judge can reduce the charges from DUI to reckless operation if they can just persuade the judge that they will lose their job, never be back again, and that this is just their first offense.  There are two problems with this.  First, the judge does not have this power.  The second is that even if the judge did have the power to reduce the charges literally everyone claims that they “can’t have a DUI because they will lose their job”.  This is not meant to downplay the significant impact of being convicted of a DUI, but if you are serious about defending yourself from a DUI and protecting your job you need to hire an experienced DUI attorney to defend you.

As a former prosecutor I can tell you that the only way to obtain a reduction is to fight.  You need to obtain the police report, the dash cam video, the booking video, the breath test results, and the results of any other chemical test.  You need someone that can explain all of this information to you in a meaningful way, and then either convince a prosecutor to reduce the charges or a jury to acquit you of all the charges.

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