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Have You Received Notice From The BMV That You Will Be Suspended Because Of An Out Of State DUI?

The BMV in Ohio will be notified of any out of state DUI convictions through the Interstate Compact Agreement.   You will also be suspended in Ohio because of the out of state DUI.  You will receive a written notice from the Ohio BMV so it is important to have your current address on file with… read more

How To Check Your Points, Driving Record, And Reinstatement Requirements.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles or “BMV” makes a wide variety of services available to the public online available anytime. The BMV’s main website is located at You can also go the following link to see the list of their online services: This is the link I find the most helpful for… read more

Do I Need A Lawyer For An OVI Charge?

First off, your DUI is not a simple matter.  It is complex, but not complicated. A DUI is a misdemeanor of the first degree.  It is also the most serious of all misdemeanors’ of the first degree.  It is even more serious than some felonies!  Especially, a felony that is eligible for diversion and ultimately… read more

Did The Police Read You Your Rights?

Miranda warnings are important in a DUI case once you are being interrogated in custody.  Interrogation is where the police ask you questions about your DUI like whether you were drinking, driving, drugs, time of operation, and being under the influence. Custody can apply to being back at the station in an interview room.  Less… read more

What Is The Legal Limit For A OVI?

The term legal limit will make most DUI lawyers cringe.  This is because there is no legal amount of alcohol to have in the body and drive. Below, the (A)(1)(a) section says that if the officer believes you are under the influence of alcohol he can charge you with a DUI no matter what level… read more

Can I Get Driving Privileges To Look For A Job?

The law in Ohio provides for limited driving privileges when you are under a suspension for a DUI.  You are eligible for privileges after any hard suspension time. Once elligible, you can get privileges for the following reasons:  Occupational, Educational, Medical, and Vocational. A common questions my clients ask is whether they can get privileges… read more

OVI Administrative License Suspension

When you are pulled over for OVI you will most likely lose your license.  The Officer will also most likely give you an administrative license suspension or ALS. This will be a 90 days suspension on a first offense if you test over the limit.  If you refuse the test it is one year.  You… read more

Charged With DUI And The Police Didn’t See You Drive?

Charged with a DUI in Akron, Ohio or one of the surrounding counties?  You’re wondering how the police were able to charge you if they did not see you drive?  One of the top elements a prosecutor has to prove in an OVI case is operation. Operation in a DUI case is best proven when… read more

Can You Get Me A Deal On My DUI?

Half my clients want to know if I can make their DUI go away.  The other half want to know if I can get them a deal. The most common deal offered is a reduction from to reckless operation.  This usually requires that no aggravating facts exist. Things that can prevent a reduction are a… read more